Medical Tourism Service Platform 



How to participate MTSP ICO

"The ICO participation process through MyEtherWallet consists

of 4 STEPs."

STEP 1. Create My Ether Wallet account.

STEP 2. Purchase Ethereum from the cryptocurrency exchange & send it to your MyEtherWallet account address.

STEP 3. MTSP website registration registration & MTT token purchase (Ethereum transfer)

STEP 4. Confirm the deposit of

MTT token.

Medical Tourism Service Platform 



How to participate MTSP ICO

"The ICO participation process through MetaMask consists

of 5 STEPs."

STEP 1. Install MetaMask and create

an account.

STEP 2. Buy Ethereum at MataMask.

STEP 3. Register to participate in MTSP ICO.

STEP 4. Purchasing MTT Token (Transfer Ethereum)

STEP 5. Confirm the deposit of MTT token


[ Medical Tourism Service Platform ]

“USD 100 billion unity project medical tour service platform for global medical tourism market” We’re waiting for you to be with MTSP’s future success in medical tourism market after 5years. Right decision for future is MTSP.




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